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Lenti / scatola: 3 Produttore: Alcon (Cibavision) Visualizza tutti i prodotti da: Alcon (Cibavision)
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Valido dal 01-09-2021 a 31-12-2021

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Data di spedizione stimata
19 ottobre 2021 - 21 ottobre 2021

Air Optix Aqua - silicone hydrogel contact lenses made from a revolutionary material that allows up to 5x more oxygen through the lens than traditional contact lenses—for healthy-looking and healthy-feeling eyes.  3-pack.

Air Optix Aqua

What is special about this new contact lens is the AQUA-wetting technology in conjunction with its patented biocompatible materials and their deposit resistant, smooth surface.


aqua moisture systemThe AQUA-wetting technology makes the lens surface smooth and supple and allows the eyelid to glide gently over the contact lens - already at the first contact. The patented material minimizes the drying of the lens and keeps it moist the whole day long . The unique plasma coating causes an excellent deposit resistance.

The combination of moisture and oxygen permeability provides a better and prolonged daily comfort. 


Product facts
 CibaVision Your prescription.. on the box!

 Type  Disposable soft contact lenses.
 Package Details  3 lenses per box
 Replacement Schedule  Use for 4 weeks (day), or 7 days and 6 nights.
 UV blocking  
 Material and % of content  67% (Lotrafilcon B)
 Water % of content  33%

Fabbricante Alcon (Cibavision)
Materiale Lotrafilcon B
Trasmissibilità all'ossigeno (Dk/t) 138
Idrogel di silicone
Utilizzare giorno & notte?
Numero di lenti / scatola 3
Protezione UV No
Sostituzione Mensile (uso diurno)
Contenuto di acqua (%) 33%