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144,95 €

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Data di spedizione stimata
05 maggio 2021 - 12 maggio 2021

Blu:gen Multifocal Toric are monthly multifocal and toric (correct astigmatism) contact lenses from the manufacturer Mark Ennovy made in the material Silicone Hydrogel.

Blu:gen contact lenses combines a Class I UV filter with a selective filter of blue light to protect the eye against more than 99% of UVB rays, 93% of UVA rays and 14% of harmful blue-violet light.
The material has a high water content and low dehydration, with the lowest modulus of elasticity among all the silicone hydrogels available in the market.
All this offer you healthy and comfortable lenses to wear throughout the day.

Return policy: This lens is a "made-to-order" lens (custom product), it is not possible to cancel the order. Also, this lens cannot be returned or exchanged.

Fabbricante Mark Ennovy
Materiale N/A
Trasmissibilità all'ossigeno (Dk/t) No
Idrogel di silicone
Utilizzare giorno & notte? No
Numero di lenti / scatola 6
Protezione UV
Sostituzione Mensile (uso diurno)
Contenuto di acqua (%) 75
Resi di prodotti accettati: No